Sunday, September 13, 2015

The lost shoe

Happy Grandparents Day to all the grandparents out there. We are so thankful for all our grandparents and made a point to speak to all 8 we have in our kids lives today.
It was incredibly hot again and after another night without electricity I just wanted to get out and cool off. Callie got to choose where we went and she chose the downtown waterpark. It was perfect and we even found a parking spot right in the side, although on a very busy street. We had a fun time until we got home and realized I lost one of Callies shoes. Not just any shoe but her new sandals GiJu got her with flowers on them. I must have dropped it when loading the stroller in the trunk. I was rushing as its a Main Street and a car was waiting for our spot. I don't know where else I could have lost it. Of course when we realized she was crying so much. She wanted to buy just one sandal to replace it and I tried explaining you can't buy one shoe but it didn't work. Once I finally calmed her I talked her into picking out a new pair of sandals and talked her into a similar pair that were on super sale on Amazon :) I told her we could make our own flowers to attach to the top and picked white so they match more outfits. I think I smoothed it over enough as there was no more crying but I can see Juan having a proem when she gets dressed for school tomorrow as the new pair won't be here until Wednesday. I better hide the one show that's left so it doesn't remind her to think of it!

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