Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Heal up quickly

My kids seem to be turning the corner. Everyone is doing better although still a ways from normal. Of course there is always a wrench to be thrown in for anytime things seem to be getting better. Last week we experienced Callie getting hives at the pediatricians office after receiving a dose of red tylenol. The dr figured it was likely a reaction to the red dye as we never give her this kind. I started thinking about all the times she has had random hives that we couldn't connect and it is possible she had hard candy or something with red dye. Then today I confirmed it as I let her have a Popsicle with red dye. I even considered not giving it to her but then said eh she will be fine.  Lots of bad behavior ensued and then hives on the face. Ugh, one more thing to add to her allergy list. Luckily I carry Zyrtec everywhere and it helps her quickly and we still have never used her epipen.

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