Saturday, September 12, 2015

Contain the anger...

Yesterday Callie refused to nap. It's been a new thing so I'm thinking she might be at the age that she no longer naps even though I'm not ready for it. Well she got a little creative at nap time. When I let her come out when nap was over she mentioned she drew a line for how tall Diego was. I was immediately mad. Did you draw on furniture? Uh no she says. As soon as I saw this.... I could barely contain my anger!
My first reaction was to yell but instead I took a breath and said. This makes mommy so sad. This is really important and special to me and it's not to be drawn on by Callie. I tried to explain why it's so special and I'm not sure she understood but I do think she understood it was wrong and I didn't yell ! Parenting win? I think so. I then made her clean it up. We spent quite some time scrubbing it but I was able to get most of it off. Phew!
So we took a swim to cool off both mind and body :)

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