Friday, August 28, 2015

Fever Friday

Both kids had fevers today and after a long week of illness I brought them both in to see the pediatrician. Diego is doing better already and should recover just fine from this respiratory virus. Callie though has another ear infection, ugh... This poor kid can't win. This is her third trip to the doctor this week and one last week too.
However they still had a pretty good Friday. Diego has been riding on the power wheels and he is a dare devil always standing up on the seat. Callie also wanted to show off her pumpkin that she grew from a seed with PaPa. She has been so excited to watch it grow. We had to cut it off early as the plant didn't survive the dry heat we have had this month. So instead of carving the pumpkin we painted it, so it can last longer.
Here's to hoping over the weekend he kid can rest and recover so we can have some healthy weeks.0

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