Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gliders and failed challenges

Callie had a baked egg challenge today. That's when she eats controlled amounts of a substance she is allergic to in order to see if she can tolerate it and is no longer truly allergic. We were quite early so I took her on an adventure to the glider port in Torrey Pines on a breezy sunny day to watch people "flying" off the cliff. It was cool and she actually really liked it considering you just watch them I wasn't sure if she would.
Then off to the egg challenge. 1 full cupcake in she started acting strange and was refusing to eat any more. She didn't have hives but within 15 min she started projectile vomiting for a pretty long time, or until she had ALL the food out of her. We left with a fail but we learned still no eggs in any way since 1 cupcake only has 1/6th of an egg. The positive news is the dr does not think she is allergic to red food dye. It was probably just a reaction to ibuprofen because of her hand foot mouth or other virus but is not a true allergy and nothing to worry about. Well that's a relief at least no additional things for her to be allergic to. She was a trooper as she also got a flu shot for the first time in nearly 3 years!

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