Sunday, September 6, 2015

When in drought...

Ok some of you will think I am nuts.... I am ok with that. Water is expensive in CA and we are in a drought where they can raise rates even higher. I started with this idea of reusing water after feeling guilty about the many many gallons of water in the bathtub every night. I mean the kids aren't that dirty and it's a lot of water. So I started researching grey water (that's the water from sinks, showers and laundry). Turns out CA and our city of Chula Vista strongly encourage greywater reuse. And you don't need a permit unless you change plumbing. So I've finally got it going.... Bathtub water gets pumped out the window to the yard and trees. Then Check out the system I got going on the garage! I diverted the drain pipe to a trash can then pump it out to the yard through the garage door. Callie and Diego even had fun running in the sprinkler water from the washing machine. Don't you fret either because I use a nontoxic soap in my laundry that you can wash the kids with too, yep that safe! Technically I think it's edible, you won't die but it probably doesn't taste good. So I have officially shut off all sprinkler system at our house. Let's see how much water I can reuse and save. I'll have the greenest lawn on the block! Each laundry cycle is 50 gallons! 1 bath and 2 laundry loads today means my grass got some good soaking :) I'll let you know how the grass is looking despite the heat. And I just ordered 3 rain barrels to use to assist in holding my reused water before pumping it. The best pRt is the water company will reimburse us for the rain barrels.
Then we visited Nicky and Hunter today. Callie got to go for a ride in Nickys golf cart around the block. So funny! D didn't like it and only made it 15 feet. Plus who needs toys? They thought Nicky had great stuff from coasters to curtains. Oh these kids...

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