Friday, November 21, 2014

Delivering Callie's Christmas list

Callie has been badgering me about bringing her Christmas list to Santa since she saw him at the mall Wednesday. On Tuesday she had made an actual list with Eliana of her desired gifts. It was definitely full of ideas she had seen in stores as well as ideas she has heard us ask if she might want and then a dew random ones, like a loofa. Wtf?! What kid asks for that and does she even know what that is?
Anyways today we went to see Santa. I thought she might chicken out when we got there but she ran from the bottom of the escalator right to Santa and climbed up on his lap withno fear. She talked to him for a few minutes while I got and ready and she eve ate a candy cane he gave her ( I gave her one earlier in the week and she hated it, same exact one...) so it went really well. Too bad for you all I won't share the photo as I'm saving it for a bit.... Don't worry I will share eventually.
In the afternoon we went to have dinner at Grandmas to visit Juan's cousin and her baby who is almost one. Callie just adored him and they were wrestling on the floor at one point. Unfortunately my phone died by then and so I only captured tea time, lol. I wish they loved closer so we could spend more time with them but they live in Texas so it's farther than we would like.

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