Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First Santa sighting

Callie is unbelievably excited about Christmas this year. She asks tons of questions about Santa and where he lives. She's already made a wish list and has been asking if Christmas is tomorrow. Tia Mari bought her a Christmas songs cd this week and we put it on in the car today. I've never seen her so enthralled by music. She was quiet and listening to every word. When 1 song was over she'd say another Christmas song please. She just loved it! It is fun but I'm sure by Christmas those 18 songs will get pretty old for me.. Not Callie I'm sure! So thanks Mari for a very much loved gift.
We also went to Target to pick up a few things. They had been setting up the tree and Santa photo area last time we were there. I was walking out and by paying attention when she yelled "Santa"! I said no no not until after thanksgiving. She insisted no he's right there!! I looked and sure enough he was. We walked over and looked at him and she was just silent. I told her we could go back another day and sit on his lap and give him her list. Then that's all she talked about all afternoon was going back to see Santa. It's so cute and really a lot of fun to have kids involved in this whole holiday idea. I can't wait to take her back to get her photo and give him her list. I have a bunch of other holiday plans as well so it will be a fun filled month and a half. I let her decorate the front window with stick on Christmas themed gel clings and she already has the spirit. Just wait for all the lights and decorations!
This morning Callie had snack on the floor while D was playing as she said they were having a picnic. I think this is a sneak peak into them playing together soon. Looks like fun huh?

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