Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sleep baby sleep

D has succumbed to Callie's respiratory virus. After a whole week I thought he had made it without getting infected but then last night he started with the same deep hurting cough as well as a feeling of being hot (no real fever though). After a long night of me holding him for nearly the entire night he slept In until 6:45 which was some much needed rest for both of us. Today he had trouble napping unless he was held and he was exhausted and crying by bedtime. When he is up and awake he seems much better just like Callie but laying down at night seems to wake this cough and its persistent and rough sounding. Poor D cries after each cough. I'm hoping he sleeps at least some tonight and that he kicks the virus faster than Callie who took a whole week to start sleeping better again. Here's a shot of D sleeping and also one with his crazy hair with Mari from earlier in the week.

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