Tuesday, November 25, 2014

D to the doctor

I took D in to the doctor today. His fever has been sticking around at just over 101. It comes down nicely with Tylenol for about 6-8 hours. I brought him to the pediatricians office today and they checked him out. Luckily he doesn't have an infection or pneumonia and they think he looks and sounds really good besides the cough and runny nose. So they feel it's begs to jut let him fight the virus on his own without any medications. I totally agree, but was mostly concerned the fever meant he had an infection. So just lots of love cuddles, nose wiping and frequent nursing as it's his comfort source. Callie also now has a runny nose, which I can't tell if it's something new or related to her coughing cold virus she had. It her way it's two sick kids I my house. I'll be trying to get them well before Thursday so we can enjoy Thanksgiving. Off to bed and hoping for some rest. D had a nice 2 hour nap this afternoon (half of it in his own bed, half with me) and look how cute. He is snuggling his bear. He chooses this bear over the cow blankie thing we got him. If you recall Callie had a flat bear when we went to CT at about 9 months old and we acidentally left it on the plane never to be found again. I bought this replacement but didn't realize it was the bigger sized bear. Callie never took to it and since that day moved on to her "babies" we bought as a replacement in CT. So I gave it to D and he really likes it. His eyes were even partly open and wide open mouth. Quite the sleeping pose. Oh and you may notice his mattress is elevated with a wedge to help with the congestion. We brought that back from when he had it for the reflux.

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