Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

What a wonderful day! It was a sunny 85 degrees and we were surrounded by lots of family bs fantastic food at the Chavez house. Callie had so much fun all afternoon playing and seeing her family.
We are so blessed to have such great family both near and far. We saw all our east coast family on FaceTime too.
Callie has been talking about what she is thankful for and if you ask her the first thing she says every single time is D, my brother! It's adorable. She will also name off some random family members and at one point even her dogs. I think she gets the idea.
The kids got their new Christmas pajamas from Grandma and we had to put them on right away. Callie was so excited to take her photo with her elves! So funny!
Here are just a few photos from the day but the best are yet to come from Jeana's camera.
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm stuffed! And tired!

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