Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gnawing on apples

I learned last week while holding Callie's half eaten apple that Diego likes them too. I was just holding it and thought he was sucking on it but then I noticed it had a bite gone! He scrapes the apple with his two little teeth to get some off and even takes little bites! While he is doing well managing this in his mouth his belly hasn't been as happy digesting these new solids and he has been quite constipated. It's terrible to see him strain and be in pain. I've stuck to typical foods that would make your bowels move; peaches, pears, prunes and butternut squash. Unfortunately it's not working well. Tomorrow he has his 6 month check up so I will see what his pediatrician thinks.
In the meantime here is a photo of D eating apples and the kids at the mall playground from yesterday.

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