Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wild Animal Park

Today I took a day off of work and we took Callie to the Wild Animal Park. This was our first trip there with Callie despite that we have a zoo membership that includes the Safari Park as its now called. The problem is just that it is quite far compared to the zoo, 50 minutes vs 15 minutes usually means we just head to the zoo. Anyways, we left early to get there just after they opened and went straight to the Safari Tram, which we just called the train for Callie. We rode around and saw all the Africa animals without any wait. Callie thought 30 minutes was too long to ride around and sit still but it was still very cool. We saw rhinos, cheetahs, antelope, buffalo, and giraffes. We also went to the gorilla exhibit, played in the water park, went to the petting zoo and fed the ducks. We didn't see half of the park, but saw enough that Callie was exhausted when we left around 1 pm, which is way past her regular nap time. We stopped for frozen yogurt and then she fell asleep in the car on the way home. After nap time she had 2 more successful potty uses, one where she totally independently climbed over the dog gate and got to the potty to use it all by herself. I was impressed except I dont want her climbing over the dog gate! In the late afternoon we took her to Marshalls as I was on the search for something to wear to my baby shower this weekend. Callie found Doc McStuffins flip flops! Boy she was so excited we had to wear them throughout the store before we even bought them. She cried when we took them off at bedtime. Who would have known they would be so loved. We had a busy and fun day and for me it was 1000 times better than going to work. Tonight I am working hard on Diego's room again. Last night we built more furniture and tonight I am working on the wall art. It is all coming together so hopefully soon I will share some photo updates.

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