Friday, March 28, 2014

Bippity boppity boop

Callie was a crabby girl today after not sleeping too well at her sleepover :( I bet Grandma is tired too.
So instead of running errands we stayed home all day and tried to find things to do for fun. I installed new shades in Diego's room and Callie loved the old ones twisty pole that changes the angle of the shade. We decided to make it into a magic wand like the fairy godmother from Cinderella. I let Callie choose different ribbons and we tied them to the end and glued some spiraled down the wand. She loves it! Garbage made into a fun toy. Viola!
I will say it's slightly dangerous as it's way too long and she swings it around like a whip! She keeps pretending to turn the dogs into horses just like the fairy godmother turns the mice into horses in Cinderella.  I told her they don't like that and now she walks over to them and says T? Like it? And then no, manny only. She is too funny. I sing Bippity boppity boop just like on Cinderella.
Besides that we had two major successes today. We moved all the board books to Diego's room. Callie about had a panic attack when she saw what I was doing and was panting and almost crying saying no share Diego! I told her she didn't have to share right now because Diego isn't here so yet are Callie's books just in Diego's room on the little shelf. I told her she needed room on her big girl bookshelf and somehow that worked. She read a few books in Diego's room then was totally fine with them being there. Phew! I was worries it was going to be a blow up.
Besides that she ran and used her potty all by herself today! I wasn't even with her but she went running saying potty potty and then peed right in the potty! I gave her a shovel full of mini marshmellows as a prize. Yes a shovel lol, that's what she wanted to eat them out of. We had 3 accidents before this success but I'll take any good sitting on the potty to pee as a win. She peed on the deck 3 times which she considers a success and wants marshmellows for. I gave her just one for that since really it's not that helpful that she pees on the deck, although it is still good she knows she needs to go and makes it out of the house without an accident.
Tonight we are both exhausted. Callie went right to bed early and I'm headed to bed early too.

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