Saturday, March 29, 2014

I'm an Aunt!!

Baby Ford arrived today!! I am so excited to say I am an aunt! We went to visit in the morning with Callie and Jeana was a real trooper as she had zero sleep and had only been back in her room for a few hours. She looked fabulous! And baby ford was sooo cute! He looks like both Jeana and Christian.
Callie did exceptionally well with visiting. She was concerned about Jeana and kept asking about her nurses and wanted to sit with her. She got to sit with Ford and gave him a kiss on the head.
Congrats to Jeana and Christian on their beautiful and perfect baby boy, Ford Lucas Chavez. Callie is excited about her first cousin and I'm excited for my first nephew. Baby Diego needs to wait another 6 weeks to meet him... I'm not ready early.

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