Friday, March 21, 2014

Planting the lemon tree

Today we planted our lemon tree. It wasn't easy... We only had a mini shovel and it was GiJu and myself shoveling a big hole with really hard dirt. We made sure that the hole was plenty big so the roots have room to grow. The tree already has a few little lemons starting to grow! I hope we get to pick them this year. Callie helped with the dirt and watered the free and just enjoyed our new front lawn. I think I forgot to mention we got a new yard! It's excellent and soft so Callie can walk and play on it.
I think we have been wearing her out with all our busy days lately. She fell asleep in the car today totally passed out which is pretty rare for her. This morning she was still obsessed with her flip flops and wore them for hours for no reason.
I tried to get her to bed early tonight as tomorrow is the party as Callie keeps saying, Diego's baby shower. She is still up talking to herself though so i guess my plan didn't work too well.

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