Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Afternoon at Rohr Park

I worked a half day today so in the afternoon we took Callie to Rohr Park. She insisted on bringing the dogs even though its a lot harder to have them to deal with too. Since I had GiJu I could manage dogs and a toddler so we went for it. We fed the birds, chased the birds, Callie ate the old bread we brought the birds. Then we went to the playground for awhile. We walked probably two miles back and forth from the duck pond to the playground. I think the biggest deal of the day was that Callie wore underpants to the park! This was her first outing in underwear. GiJu has been working with her at home on using the potty and she has been doing great, but we have never gone out of the house before. We tried to change her to a diaper before we left but she didn't want to go if we made her wear a diaper. So we packed a few changes of clothes just in case, made her use the potty before we left and even packed a potty in the trunk of the car to go with us. She did great! She was dry the whole time at the park. After feeding the birds we went back to the car, took out the potty and peed right in the parking lot. Then we played on the playground for an hour and still dry. I tried to get her to use the potty before the car ride home since she drank a lot of water, but she really didn't want to so I thought we could make it the 3 miles home. I thought wrong... But I was prepared and had her sitting in her car seat on one of my way proof changing pads I sewed when she was an infant. Dual duty :) so she had wet pants but we just threw it all in the wash and she still use the potty at home when we got there. I am so impressed! I think she may be pretty easy to potty train. We bought her some new undies that we say are just like mommy's and they do look a lot like mine, so I think that's helping. When she uses the potty she says "so proud you" because GiJu always says I am so proud of you, so it's pretty funny to see that. I wish I got a photo of her on the potty in the parking lot because it was quite a sight but I was too busy getting down to business!
Tonight we went out to Taco Tuesday in Old Town and came home to work on a few things for Diego's room.i fixed the ceiling fan by replacing the internal switch that goes to the pull cord and I sewed the curtains with GiJu's help. Every night I am exhausted and poor GiJu has been working so hard watching Callie all day and helping with Diego's room at night. I am oping we can have it complete before she leaves so I can feel done with it. I will show you some photos of the room once we have a bit more done. In the meantime, look at all the fun we had at the park!

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