Saturday, March 8, 2014

New bathing suit!

I bought Callie a new bathing suit set. It's a practical more covered approach with SPF 50 fabric which helps when you are trying to keep the sun off her shoulders and also comes with a hat which is a big help. She outgrew all her old bathing suits so I bought her this one in 3T. It's a little big, meaning not too skin tight but any tighter and it would be difficult to get the shirt on and off.
I braved OB dog beach on a Saturday by myself as Juan was working at home on the front yard. What I failed to remind myself was two things... Saturdays are really crowded and therefore more difficult to find a parking spot and l am pregnant, large and chasing an almost two year old in the water which is exhausting! Either way we had a fun time but we only stayed 45 minutes as I couldn't last much longer. Callie is a danger seeker! It was low tide so there was plenty of area for her to play Ina safe depth of water, but Callie would rather run towards the channel or out into the waves. I have to be fit next to her every second or else she just gets herself into trouble going under water fast. She had a fun time even though I gave her time out twice for not listening and running into the channel in deep water. I figure there won't be too many more chances for taking her to the beach this summer once I have a newborn and Callie to take care of. Callie has already convinced GiJu to the her to the beach when she comes next week though so there will at least be 1 more time.

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