Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sticker time

Callie had a busy Sunday. She went to church for the first time for Tio Bogars last service at College Avenue Baptist Church. Callie tried her best to behave. She was pretty good considering she has never had to sit quietly for over an hour. I did take her outside for a little but and to the kids room as well but she still sat for awhile. Her favorite part was the songs. She pretended to sing along with doot doot doo and was swaying side to side. It was a nice morning with all or family together for this service.
It was a hot day and in the afternoon we played in the kiddie pool on the deck and let Callie be naked most of the afternoon since it was so hot. She decided that she should cover herself in stickers which was pretty funny. We made a nice dinner and to too it off went out for frozen yogurt before bed. She is still talking and playing in her bed as I don't think she understands this daylight savings time thing. She will learn to adjust I am sure.
What a nice Sunday... To bad tomorrow is Monday and back to work.

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