Sunday, March 23, 2014

Swimming in the pool

Today we went to visit my parents long time friend Greg at the Marriott in Coronado. He flew in for work just for a short time so we went to visit for a bit. They had a heated pool which was perfect since it wasn't too warm today, about 75. Greg brought her a gift from him and Tara and a present for Diego too. Tara must be telepathic because she got Callie a Doc McStuffins purse filled with stickers of dogs and doc mcstuffins stickers! Callie loved it! She wanted to take it in the pool! Thanks Tara and Greg!
In the pool she wanted to make friends and play with the big kids and continuously jumped off the side of the pool. Of course when I tried to get a video of it she started running around to go in the stairs. But what fun we had... We are both exhausted now. Back to work tomorrow and GiJu goes home too. Callie did better than ever this time about understanding that GiJu had to go home but would be back soon. 6 more weeks...

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