Friday, August 26, 2016

Illness and injury

Today was a day of recovery. Diego spent the last 24 hrs with a fever and was throwing up last night. As anyone with a toddler knows puking means all over everything and everyone, lots of laundry... Today he doing better and started eating again but we cancelled all our fun end of summer vaca plans for swimming and play dates for the next two days.
We also spent part of our day helping the butterfly with th injured wing thanks for manny. I reached out to a butterfly expert who actually responded and suggested we try cutting off part of the broken wing and making sure the opposite side matched it. I was nervous as if it still couldn't fly it would become our pet. I wasn't thrilled with this idea as it meant feeding it daily until it died. Well a little trimming and we got it flying! I was so glad to see it fly away. We also had another butterfly hatch that we released today with the injured one. And we had 5 caterpillars all form into chrysalis today! We saw two happen and I even got one full complete transformation on video. It's pretty  incredible, nature is amazing!
Callie was a trooper in keeping Diego relatively happy and entertained during his illness. She got the Mickey Mouse ears out and they watched videos together. Cute aren't they?
Let's hope tomorrow everyone is well and we sleep all night, I could use the rest.

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