Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Big day for everyone

It was a big day! Butterfly release, children's museum and garbage day all rolled into 1. Better get all the fun in before school and work start back up next week.
I was really worried about our butterfly. This morning I thought it was dead. I even told Callie it was dead. But when I opened the cage to touch it as it was laying on the bottom on his side he moved! I thought well let's give it a shot. At first he couldn't fly so we took him back in until it was sunnier and hung him on a stick to let his wings dry more. Then even the second try he couldn't fly well. After a few stumbles he ended up by my garden and then suddenly just flew off up and over the trees. It was great to see him fly away as I was worried he was a goner all day. Callie cried after letting him go as she wanted him to stay at our house and not fly away. I reminded her we have lots more butterflies coming soon.
We had more fun at the children's museum today and Grandma came with us. We discovered a secret room in the back of the tree house off a dark tunnel that has a ceiling full of spoons! The kids thought it was so cool.
When we got home we stayed up and waited for the garbage truck to come before taking a nap.
Each kid had their own big fun today. It sure was fun.

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