Thursday, August 25, 2016

Beach babes

We spent the day at the beach with Tammy and Kaitlyn while they are in town on vacation. We had a blast and skipped naps we stayed so long. We built a mermaid in the sand which the girls thought was awesome. This is something I used to do with my dad as a little girl. I recall my dads looking much more magical than this but the girls were still impressed and they weren't patient enough to make it much more elaborate.

The down side to our day is that our second butterfly release went horribly wrong when the butterfly fell and Manny tried to bite it. Now I have a butterfly that can't fly with a bent wing I am trying to rehab. Therapist for butterflies? I'm trying!
Also Diego came down with some illness and has a fever and isn't feeling well tonight. Let's hope he sleeps it off and starts feeling better tomorrow.
Callie and I spent some time doing her nails tonight and having "spa" night just like fancy nancy. We did a face mask with cucumber eyes and all!

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