Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A butterfly is born!

Today was the day our first butterfly emerged from its chrysalis! We weren't able to set her free to fly yet as they need several hours for their wings to dry and sunlight to be able to fly for the first time. So we will keep her inside until tomorrow morning. Of course it happened at nap time and for the first time in awhile Callie was actually sleeping at nap time, so she missed watching it emerge. I saw and it was so cool!
We also went to the children's museum today and saw some of the new things they put in. The kids really enjoy going there. We may even go back tomorrow!
We will try to get a video of letting our butterfly free in the morning :)
Before bed we were outside playing on the playground. The kids were having so much fun playing together and their contagious laughter just makes my heart smile. It's these moments where they play so happily together that make having two kids so close together worth all the work. Let's hope they can continue to be buddies for a long time to come.

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