Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cooling off

Ahh the cooler weather has returned. A nice and sunny 84 today was a much needed break. I felt comfortable being outside in the sun today for the first time in a week. We went to the downtown water park to splash around and have a picnic.
Also today Callie put on her new real diamond earrings Grandma bought her. She felt so special like a little princess. I left them on for now but I'm too paranoid she's going to lose one so they will probably be a special occasion jewelry.
And we attempted to have a movie night outside in the tent with sleeping bags but it didn't last as they couldn't sit still and were fighting within the first 3 minutes. Yet another crazy thing I set up, take down and clean up, all of which takes more time than they actually play with it. No wonder I'm tired!

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