Friday, August 12, 2016

Disneyland 2016

We have returned from the big summer adventure trip! GiJu, Callie, Diego, and I went to Disneyland and stayed two nights in a hotel. This was Diego's first trip to Disneyland and both Callie and Diego's first nights sleeping in a hotel.
Diego LOVED Disney even though I thought he would just be along for the ride. We decided on California Adventure since Callie loves Frozen and Diego loves Cars. It was not a disappointment as they both loved all there was to do at CA Adventure. We were there before the park opened and stayed until after 8 pm. It was a long and tiring day but we did just about everything in the park they wanted. We rode all the little kid rides in Bugs Land, all the Cars Land rides, Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc, and a few at the pier.
Callie was excited to be 40" tall and ride on the "big kid" rides. Well we rode the Cars Land Radiator Springs Racers and she was terrified. She didn't cry or complain but she was super scared, holding on to me for dear life. After that she wasn't going on any more big kid rides. Luckily we got a FastPass for this and so we only waited 10 minutes to ride. I bought the photo of her first real ride even though you can barely see her hiding ducked down grabbing my arm. It did have some pretty good ups and downs over the hill as we were speeding around, even my belly was jumping.
We watched the Frozen musical production which was very well done. We even went to meet Elsa and Anna without waiting in line! We saw a bunch of characters throughout the day and watched the toy parade from a park bench. I don't know how we got so lucky to be able to get so much done without much waiting in one day. My feet sure were tired at the end of the day but was glad we got so much in.
The next day we enjoyed the hotel pools and water park. I made the same mistake with too much too soon for Callie on the waterslide and my weight pushed her into the water so her whole head was gushed with water mouth open and all. Oops. After that she wasn't so keen on riding any more waterslides, and i especially couldn't convince her to do the big ones. We did the smaller ones again and I learned to lift her up when we went together. The kids loved the hotel room which had a bunk bed for them and 2 more beds for GiJu and I. We stayed up til 10 pm waiting for the fireworks show only for it to be cancelled and no fireworks to go off! Ugh!
On our last day we went to Goofy's Kitchen for breakfast to eat with some characters. The kids loved interacting with the characters and eating at the buffet. It was a nice change from the waiting in line for a quick photo in the park. We had a quick swim and packed up to drive home. Its nice to be home. I took over 200 photos but I wont torture you with so many. Here's some of the best. Thanks to GiJu for a fun summer trip to remember,

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