Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chrysalis time!

We had a disappointing caterpillar death from our first caterpillar that I thought was getting ready to form his chrysalis. He had some crazy caterpillar virus called Black Death. We keep learning more and more! But now we have two successful chrysalis formed. This morning Callie and I got to witness it happening! It happens in just a few minutes and it wiggles and wiggles out of its skin as it turns into the green chrysalis. It's amazing! Watch it on YouTube if you want to see what it looks like. We had to relocate one chrysalis because it was dangling on a half dead leaf the other caterpillar was going to eat away. If it falls the butterfly will be injured and die. So we carefully moved the chrysalis and leaf to the top stick in the cage using some simple tape.
Callies also been quite the artist lately. Her skills are much improved and she can draw all kinds of different things. Today by herself she drew a garbage truck for her brother and our family on a boat. How cute!
Diego has been busy playing trains. GiJu brought lots of trains and bought him this track at ikea yesterday. He is really enjoying train time!

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