Saturday, July 2, 2016

Yard sales, berries and BBQ

We had a busy day! We went yard saleing for one last time. Callie wanted blue high heels and saw some that were a dollar so I let her buy them to play in at home. She's such a girl.
Then we went berry picking for blueberries and raspberries. Diego ate handfuls of blueberries right off the bush. I tried to get a good shot of everyone together but that's harder than you might think!
In the afternoon we went to a BBQ for Fourth of July at my friend Danielle's. Callie had a blast with the kids running around. Diego mostly say and played with trucks. His boot arrived today and he's able to walk around a tiny bit with help in the boot, but it's still not that easy. We didn't stay all the way to the fireworks since it gets dark so late. We had a blast but I'm tired!
I think my photos are all out of order but it's the best I could do while tired. I also threw in some late photos of the tractor rides from the other night.

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