Friday, July 29, 2016

Heat plus busy = forgetful

I haven't remembered to post all week! I either worked at night, got too tired and fell asleep or was too busy. Sorry. The heat is getting to me too. I used to sit in ac at work but now I'm out and about in different kids homes so I often don't have ac or am outside playing in the sun. Phew I better start wearing shorts to work these days. It's been crazy busy as it's almost summer break #2 so I am squeezing in as many visits with kids as possible.
Anyways back to the kids at my house. In positive news Callies blood pressure results were good. They still haven't seen the drop they want at night but if she isn't sleeping deeply with the machine they won't see it. So she isn't full discharged yet, but not too worried. We go back to do it all over again next year. Third times the charm??
Callie and Diego got mail from their cousin Alexa who sent them stuffed toys from the zoo. Boy was Callie excited to get mail from Alexa.
Calle also drew these amazing super hero portraits this week. I only helped with the logos on each by tracing in pencil for her to color them in. I was very impressed with her improved art skills.
Diego has been wearing his big boy underpants with good success, for the most part. I think we are almost there!

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