Friday, July 29, 2016

Here come the Monarchs!

I wasn't really sure if this whole milkweed thing was going to pay off. Callie started asking the first day where our butterflies are. I tried to explain these things take time but she insisted they are coming NOW. Well she was right! I looked today and found 8 monarch eggs and 2 baby caterpillars already. I couldn't believe it! The egg is the tiny white dot on the leaf and the second photo on the back of the leaf is the tiny caterpillar. So that's the good news. Now the bad news. This little plant will likely only be enough food for 2 caterpillars. We need more milkweed! We will have to get more and soon!
Diego also impressed me today by stacking blocks into a tower. I've never seen him do more then 3-4 but today he was building much taller. Way to go big boy!

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