Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stormy weather

Go figure the day we fly home we have stormy weather on Chicago where we had our layover. We packed up and left my parents by 3:30 am for a 5:15 flight. We left on time and headed to Chicago, but then a strong lightening and rain storm came and we couldn't land. We circled and circled and flew away and back for an hour. Poor Callie who gets car sick was puking from the bumpy and circling ride (I can't blame her even I was feeling a bit nauseous). After spending an extra hour on the first plane and with a big storm I figured the next flight would be equally delayed so we would have time to catch our breath in the airport... Wrong! We walked quickly to another terminal and got right on the next plane... Only to sit on that plane for a long time without flying. First we waited for luggage they were transferring from another plane. Then we sat on the runway for an hour before we could take off! 2 extra hours sitting on a plane with two kids is not any fun. They were relatively well behaved considerin all the craziness and we made it home. I'm just exhausted now and hoping for a good nights sleep for everyone in their own comfy beds at home sweet home.
Diego was sleeping in the toddler bed at my parents so I changed his crib to a toddler bed at home too since he was doing just fine with it. I figure keep the smooth transition. I think the hurt foot kept him in at first but hopefully he likes it just as much and stays in bed.

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