Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Last day in CT

The last day in CT brought a rainy morning. Not too bad but still rain. We didn't mind and went swimming at Beach Pond even in the cloudy weather with no sun. We swam all the way out to the floating dock at Miki and Bobs house and the kids had fun "jumping" off the dock. Callie actually jumped once and went under completely and she stopped after that. Instead I helped lower them in off the side to keep them from going under. We sat on the neighbors boat and pretended to drive it and enjoyed watching people drive around their boats and even saw some water skiers. Everyone is very tired. A long vacation with lots to do will do that to you. I'm ready to go home and so is Diego. Callie on the other hand would stay forever. Both kids were crabby today which I know is just sheer exhaustion. I went with an early bedtime which caused a lot of tears as our plane leaves to go home at 5:15 am! That means we will be leaving the house at 3:30. Yikes better get some sleep and hope everyone behaves on the plane. It's been fun Ct. Until next time...

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