Sunday, July 31, 2016

Remembering Grandpa Nacho & Grandma Amparo

Yesterday would have been Grandpa Nacho's 90th birthday. To remember him and Grandma Amparo the whole family went to the cemetery to have lunch and visit. We sang songs and the kids played. We even had a happy birthday banner! Now who says you can't remember those in heaven with fun.
In the evening we took the kids to the beach to swim for an hour as Diego kept asking for the "beets" at least that's what it sounds like when he says beach.
And in monarch news we have 8 hatched caterpillars so far. Now I need to get more milkweed to feed all these little guys as they grow. Callie and I have been having fun watching the eggs hatch into tiny caterpillars. Just wait til they become butterflies!

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