Friday, July 22, 2016

So hot we dance in the pool

It's been HOT! Like 90s and humid which we don't do well here in CA. So hot I slept in Callies room last night to be in the ac. By next week we will have ac in our bedroom too, but for now it's just the kids rooms. Callie doesn't have a window in her room only a door so I had to rig up a method for Diegos window ac to cool both rooms. I have a sheet and shower curtain nailed to the wall and ceiling blocking the air at their doors. Then with it open I have a box fan blowing the air from Diegos room into Callies. Well it works :) and it's better than them sleeping in the same room as they just big each other and wake up the other.
We swam in the shade of the umbrella it was so hot in the sun and Diego started some new dance move that reminds me of the swim dance move from the 70s (I don't really know the year that was popular). I tried to get it on video but was tricky. Hope you catch a peek.
The other video was the day before with the three cousins dancing together. They each have their own unique moves.

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