Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Diego

The birthdays seem to never end. Today is Diego's actual birthday. He turns 2 on day number 2 of the month. Diego is quite the ham. He gives a good cheese face for the camera and talks up a storm. He knows so many words and puts together short sentences. He has recently started ownership besides "Diego's water" or whatever the object is. So now its MaMa's house, Callie's doll, Diego's truck all day long. He changed from his obsession of buses to a love of garbage trucks. GaGa sent the kids dollar bills to go to the toy store. Diego looked at every garbage truck in the whole store and after an hour we saw the same one he already has. Its a small matchbox garbage truck that is green and black. He immediately said "that one!" and was ready to leave. So now we have two tiny garbage trucks he carries around everywhere. Diego can count to 10 and sing most of his ABCs. He loves music and to dance whenever and wherever he hears a beat. He is a calm, sensitive boy who loves hugs and kisses. Even his garbage trucks are friends and give kisses to each other. At nightime you can usually hear him singing the goodnight song in his room after we put him down... "Good night Callie, Good night Callie, Good night Callie, its time to go to sleep." We do this with all our family names and then Diego adds garbage trucks and Boo the bear who he still cannot sleep without.
I also have a bunch of photos from yesterday when we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's to play in the jumpy house since it wasn't returned yet. The kids had a blast and we stayed for dinner. We sang to Diego with a cupcake since we wouldn't all be together on his birthday.
GiJu had to go home today and we dropped her off at the airport just before nap time. We went to the downtown water park to play and get lunch before we had to say goodbye. Diego loved the water park, though neither kid likes to be under the spraying fountains. They are just happy running in the water and kicking it around.
We had a fun filled weekend and now I need a real rest! Happy Happy Birthday to Diego.

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