Thursday, May 26, 2016

A new Boo?

This week we lost Boo (d's bear). It was awful. D cried for him and kept saying Boo where are you? And was most sad at nap and bedtime. He was lost for more than 24 hours before I discovered him shoved in the "trunk" of Diegos tricycle where he must have put him. So this led us to think we needed a second Boo. Have you ever heard the story of Boo? Well the original bear was a gift from my friends parents. Callie had it as a baby and we lost it on the plane to CT one trip and never got it back. In a panic trying to replace the bear I discovered it's a $50 bear from Austrailia! What?!
I ended up ordering Callie a used version of the bear on eBay to replace hers since waiting for a bear from Austrailia would take weeks. However in the time it took to get a new Boo we took her to the store and bought replacement babies. Which she still has to this day. Boo then became unimportant so I saved him for Diego who became very attached. Now we once again are in the predicament of finding a back up bear. Well to order it from Austrailia was $75! So I decided to see if I could make a replacement Boo. I mean it's a flat bear with no real eyes or anything.
So I did that tonight... Not too shabby huh? I made two, one of a very soft lighter brown fabric with satin back and one made from an old blanket that was used as LTs dog bed. Don't worry I washed it ;)
 I'll see what the real critic Diego thinks tomorrow morning. I even made a second set of pjs for this new boo which are also footie sneakers. A close second?? Hopefully one can stay at Grandmas and solve the lose the bear in transit between two houses. Or he will be like Calie and want to carry around both Boos at once.

And just for fun here's some bubble blowing photos from earlier in the week.

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