Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Playground pulley

Callie recently saw an episode of Sid the Science Kid where he needed a way to get heavy toys to his tree house. The solution was a pulley and he and his dad constructed one. After seeing it she really wanted one and I love to get her interested in anything science so I can teach a valuable lesson. So Monday off we went to get supplies for her very own playground pulley. And simple enough we had it set up in just 15 minutes and she loves it! She isn't actually lifting anything heavy but she thinks it's fun to do it anyways.
Also Callie noted that our window flower boxes needed flowers! She wanted real ones but the thought of watering them and dripping water and dirt all down the side of the new playground didn't go over too well with me. So instead I promised dollar store fake flowers. This is what we came up with. Beautiful!

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