Friday, May 6, 2016

Movie night

Callie had her hearing test today. I had promised something special if she did it well. It didn't exactly go well, Callie refused to participate got scared and cried when we first tried. The audiologist let us take a break took the next client and then we tried again. We made it through the second try even though Callie refused to talk. She had to get creative to get her responses and we ended up with putting toys in a bucket only when you heard the sound. Technically she passed the hearing test within normal but her eardrum is not able to move much because of the fluid in her ears and this puts her at a higher risk of having hearing loss especially when she is sick. So we will be going forward with the ear tubes. She was so exhausted she fell asleep in the car on the way home. Her surgery is scheduled for May 27. So the movie night was the special treat from doing the hearing test. Even though she wasn't perfect you can't blame her for being scared. We got out the sleeping bags they got for their birthdays and watched Inside Out. Callie really liked it and sat still and watched the whole thing. Diego went to bed before it was over. The sleeping bags are a big hit! Thanks Grandma for the great gift. And she got Diego a garbage truck which he loves so much he took it to dinner and is sleeping with it!

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