Friday, May 13, 2016

I can sing my abcs

Diego sings the abcs frequently these days. Unfortunately I never can get it on video. Today he sang the abcs and even though he gets distracted he goes back to singing. Then he even adds in hickory dickory dock. He LOVES songs and music. I'll try to get him singing Hakuna Matata from Lion King as that's his favorite song right now.
Callie and D swan today and D is finally grasping how to "swim" with his puddle jumper and keep his mouth out of the water. I didn't get any photos as I was swimming too! But after they had a blueberry picnic on their towel, and then later a snuggle fest on the couch. They are good friends and it will only get better as D gets a little bigger. Today Diego was playing Barbie dream house with Callie and put Boo the bear in the house. He doesn't much like the Barbies because of their hair.

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