Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Outside adventures

Our garden has really been growing. Today we added sweet potatoes which we grew plants from an old sweet potato.  We had more cucumbers growing and picked a second one. Unfortunately I was busy trying to snap photos instead of help Callie and she ripped the whole plant off at the base, oops! Now that's a dead cucumber plant. Luckily we have 3 more growing. Some things are growing really well and others much slower but either way we have lots of organic fruits and veggies on the way. :) the salad greens are looking tasty now so I think I'll make a salad for work tomorrow. Both kids eat the veggies right out of the garden, that's what I call success. I'm hoping we get sweet tomatoes and I can get them eating a few new veggies too.
After planting and picking from the garden we blew bubbles outside too. Diego blew his first bubble! Of course when I tried to recapture this on video it was a fail but you get a cute rendition of itsy bitsy spider instead!

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