Saturday, April 30, 2016

Birthday Bonanza

Wow! So many birthdays! Yesterday was GiJus real birthday and we celebrated Callie and Diegos birthdays with a huge party! I could never do this without a lot of help from a lot of family. So to each of you who spent so much time contributing and helping make this day happen for these lucky kids Thank You!
The kids had so much fun jumping, playing, making necklaces and crowns, and pretending to be Elsa or Kristoff. They ate way too much sugar but enjoyed every minute. Happy happy Birthday Callie and Diego, love you guys so much! And Happy Birthday GiJu too, we were so glad you could be here with us.
The kids opened tons of presents and cards with money for their playground and we told them they had enough for the playground! Super exciting!! And Callie got one big surprise gift from Tia Eliana and Sean.... A Barbie dream house!

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