Monday, January 11, 2016

Visiting family in SD

Sunday morning we had a big brunch with Grandma and Grandpa and the kids. Callie was so excited to see Ford especially. The kids all played with the new tractor they got for Christmas although Callie mostly hogged the drivers seat.
Today I had doctor appointment so Tia Mari stayed to play with the kids for a bit. She snapped these "cheese"y smiles.
The last photo is Callie and I playing at bath time with a new Christmas toy called squigs, they are suction cup building toys but Callie decided they look best as bug eyes or antenna.
Back to work for me tomorrow. The best part is that usually after a long vacation I return to piles of work. But now since no one is working during the time I am off I return to a clean slate and a slow start. It makes going back after 3.5 weeks a little easier ;)

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