Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Friend Day

Since it's Friday we visited some friends and played with their kids who are also off on Fridays. Really everyone should be off on Friday because it's just fabulous!
D loved their train table... I think I know his birthday present this year ;) and Callie sung on a giant microphone in her 80s looking sweatshirt. We painted, hunted for empty Easter eggs and just played. Two strong willed girls don't always play nice together but at nearly 4 they can finally use their words to express themselves rather than just fight. At one point I heard Callie say.. "You are bossing me around I don't like it and I'm not paying anymore. If you don't stop I'm going home". Oh boy.. I think she got her point across and Isla was being quite bossy. A taste of her own medicine....for once.

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