Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tractor riding day

We spent quite a bit of time outside today. It was cold but sunny and the last day before a real cold front comes in and we can't go outside. We visited Pa and Kay and rode on Pa's lawn mower that he hooked up with a little cart for the kids to ride in complete with blankets and a carpet. Quite a plush little caboose he worked out for them. We made loops all around the yard, down by the pond, around the house and through the log piles. Diego jumped from log to log and collected acorns from the ground. We tried to feed the fish but none were out since it's cold. In the afternoon we planted the Christmas tree. My parents have been buying a live tree in a pot and then after Christmas planting it in the yard. There should be 3 trees now but one died so this is tree 2. The kids rode PaPa big tractor (both kids, me and PaPa all fit at once), dig a hole and put the tree in. What an event. The kids are just amazed by riding around on the tractor or even the lawn mower. It's the little things in life that make you smile :)
Callie asked to have smores and so the only feasible way without freezing was in the garage over the wood stove fire that heats the garage. That was pretty good as it's warm and indoors but you still get to make real smores! After all the fresh air I hope we get a full nights sleep in. Diego is finally all back to normal but he is still quite off on his regular routine and sleep.

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