Saturday, January 30, 2016

Skiing at SnowValley

Oops sorry this post didn't publish... Blame it on the mountains. One day later.

The day of our big adventure is finally here. After work we drove up to Big Bear area about 2.5 hours from our home for a weekend ski get away. Callie went skiing for the very first time. She cried hysterically when I dropped her off at ski school. She calmed down a bit eventually as she could hold Dimitris hand. Her friend Lena was also there with her but she didn't care and still cried. I saw her not crying go down the tiny hill twice from afar but according to ski school she cried a lot so they called me to pick her up by lunchtime. We took s break then tried the real slopes on a chairlift for the smallest main trail. She was doing so well for the first half but then she got tired and kept falling giving up on it all together. Still it was a success as she says she wants to ski again another day (just not tomorrow).
We will try again next year, but she's still having fun just being with her friends in the cabin and we may try sledding tomorrow. I wish I got a video of her skiing but she needed help and I was on my snowboard keeping her from getting too fast or far away from me so I didn't get a good one.

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