Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bye bye chupón

For starters sorry about no photos for a few days. My iPhone battery was on its last leg and even with midday charging I was having a dead phone by the end of the day. I now have installed a new battery and am back with a functioning phone after only minor reinstallation errors and 2 missing screws.

I've been talking about taking away the pacifier or chupon as we call it. For those of you back east that's the Spanish word for pacifier. Diego lovingly calls it pu. I'm a very decisive person and I rarely change my mind once I've made a decision. I contemplated this back at Thanksgiving then decided that after the plane trip would be better. So I've stuck to my word and today was the day that Diego has to be a big boy and give up the pacifiers. I told him he's big now and he doesn't need it anymore. We packed them in a box then threw them in the big outside garbage can. There was a lot of crying involved. I took a snippet for you all to enjoy and also so I can remains D when he is a teenager ;)
Bedtime was tough. There was lip quivering and sobbing followed by screaming. It took awhile for him to fall asleep and I'm anticipating a few wake ups at night as well. But I will not go back. This is it cold turkey method and adjust to the new way. I did think maybe s blankey would help give some comfort and so between that and the Chargers potentially leaving.... I sewed a blanket from all his Chargers baby onesies, blanket and sleepers. Literally all the fabric is from his baby stuff, except the middle filler layer you can't see. It's not perfect but it's cute and even if he doesn't like it I'll be saving it and treasuring all the memories of him wearing his Chargers gear even if they don't stay.
Don't mind my blurry photos tonight the lighting was bad and the camera had a hard time focusing. D is holding a box of pacifiers in the first and Callie is holding the box full as she is "helping".

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