Friday, January 8, 2016

Home sweet home

We made it home! It was a long day but the kids were both very well behaved on the plane. There was no crying or tantrums and we even received several compliments from passengers on how well they behaved. Callie is finally old enough she really grasps the concept of needing to behave. She said I was really good so that means we can go back again right? Apparently my last trip and many comments about if they can't travel nicely we will wait until they are older paid off. I didn't take a single photo as my hands were very full and my devices were being used by two little munchkins. She was excited to see daddy who she was missing but then followed that up with but now I miss my GiJu. She will be anxiously waiting Gijus next trip out.
Diego was so excited to see Manny I couldn't believe it. Sitting on the floor with Manny rolling on him and licking his face. Manny was very happy to have us home too. Now we have a few days to settle back into routine before I go back to work.

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