Saturday, January 23, 2016

Frozen on Ice

Today was Callie and Mommy special day. Nearly 4 months ago I bought tickets to frozen on ice. I never told her and then just told her we were going out for special mommy and Callie time. She was so excited. We went to visit Dimitri first and pick up some gear to pack for our ski trip next weekend (more on that later), then out to dinner then to Frozen on Ice. It was really good. She was tired as it started at 7 pm but she stayed up the whole time and had a fun time.
Before we left I was gone at a baby shower, when I got home she had made me a necklace special for me for our special day. What a thoughtful little girl, I'll be treasuring my first necklace even though it only has 3 beads :)

Swinging with Dimitri

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