Saturday, December 19, 2015

Winter vacation starts with sick kids

Sometimes my plans turn out to be totally opposite what I think they will be. I was so excited for my winter Christmas vacation to start. I had plans to be so productive, have fun and visit some friends. We had a baby sitter coming a Christmas party to go to, a school party with Santa and a get together with friends. All that changed when Thursday night Callie came down with the flu. High fevers accompanied by vomitting and coughing. She just got over the respiratory virus from last weekend. Send her back to school for 3 days and she comes home with this. Turns out some kid at school puked all over the school Thursday. So I'm sure she got it there. After a full day of puking she started getting better but the fevers keep coming back and really drain her. So for 2 days and two nights I've been with her every second comforting her and giving in to her every need. Now I'm exhausted. I just want to sleep in my own bed and get some rest. Here's hoping she can make it at least half a night by herself. D has some boogery cold but no fever so I'm hoping he doesn't get this too. Come on vacation where are you? Santa for Christmas please bring me two happy kids without any illnesses for at least a month.
Yep that's Manny taking the comforting role and a nice plastic Halloween bucket as the puke bowl. Miserable...
Much happier today but still sick. Fever fever go away don't come back anymore days.

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