Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas.... Sickmas

The kids had a great Christmas. Unfortunately all the adults in my house were sick. Juan and my mom had both been sick for several days and missed out on Xmas eve. Then at night I got really sick and was so tired and weak this morning after a long night in the bathroom. The kids are finally feeling better but now the adults are so sick. The kids were thrilled with all the presents and the time spent at Grandma and Grandpas this morning. I am exhausted and still not feeling well.
Diego was so excited with his car ramp, the first thing he opened that he didn't want to open any more presents. Callie opened all of them for him without complaint. Callie received mostly Frozen themed toys and she was happy with all of them. I think her favorite ones were the frozen dolls in all sorts of sizes. She loved playing with the Frozen castle and playing pretend with all her little dolls. Diegos loved the car ramp, car track and Fords slide!
Despite feeling quite down and struggling through the day it was still great to see my kids enjoy the day so much.
Now we are packed and ready to go but I'm not sure if we will be going. I'm still not feeling too well and without a regular restroom close by may opt to move pur flights to Monday. So my apologies for not too many photos or videos on Christmas but I barely survived the whole day. My Christmas wish is to be all better by midnight. Callie said bye to Mimi and Elfie and everyone is off to bed early.

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